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Ubuntu & USB Permission Issue when running PrintRun application and connecting through USB port

When using Ubuntu an issue I’ve run into is being unable to connect to your 3D printer with a USB connection using the PrintRun tool. If you have a newer version of the printer interface software you will get a “Permission Denied” error and an older version will just show “connecting” and never go past that step. This is simply because Ubuntu does not by default give you access to the “TTYACM” ports. All you have to do to get access set up is run this from the terminal window. Keep in mind this USB setup needed for any tool you might use. If you use Arduino to compile and push you firmware to your Ramps board you can run into the same thing the first time.

sudo adduser {you signon} dialout

sudo chmod a+rw /dev/ttyACM0

Hope that will clear things up and get you going, good luck.