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Navidia not holding second monitor configureation in Unbuntu

Ran into a weird issue the other day. I could configure my second monitor location but whenever I restarted my server my monitors would reset back to default right and left position which I did not want. I could see both  but they where set up out of order. I tried to configure the xorg.conf using Navidia-settings and confirmed that it was updated but still after ever restart my monitors defaulted back to their former locations. After a crazy day of looking around here is what I found..

To my surprise there is a file located in the user directory in ~/.config/monitor.xml which holds the duel monitor configuration. It is created in the “System settings” / “Displays” since I had been using the Nividia configuration program only to configure Navidia card I had never gone there and saved the configuration so I had no Monitor.xml file. Even though Ubuntu saw the second monitor it never keep a record of location so it always defaulted back. Just set it up using the “Display” then confirm the monitor.xml is has been created and you are good to go.


Updating Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu 14.04

The quickest way to update you drivers for Nividia video card since it’s a proprietary driver is …

Go to terminal and run

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nvidia-current nvidia-settings

Leave window and search for “additional drivers” application. In LightDM desktop just search for that string.

Run it and after a few seconds it will list all drivers. Just choose the latest one from Nividia and you are good to go.


Flicker Issue with Firefox on new custom built Asus motherboard comuter

I had an issue with a intermittent flicker that happened during larger page renders on my Ubuntu box when using FireFox browser. I updated drivers  but could not fix issue. It turned out for me that when installing the video card it was placed in the second PCIe X16 slot on the Asus Z97 pro board. This caused the issue, all video functions worked using the second slot as my single video card slot but there was that flicker. I moved the card to the first slot and my system started to work great. Just a heads up to use the first slot when building out that board.

Ubuntu 14.04 and nvidia video drivers

Although a little of topic for a 3D printing site I ran into a problem with one of my new open-source machines running the new Ubuntu 14.04 and wanted to make sure I got my solution out there. I purchased a new Asus Nvidia Geforce GT 730 card for the box and wanted to make sure the box was taking advantage of the new cards drivers.

First I ran the command “lshw -c video” from the terminal window.

there is a bunch of info but the line your interested in starts “Configuration Driver =” If you have something like Driver=Nouveau then you are still using the CPU and not the drivers for your card.

OK If you have to change things to update to a driver here are the steps –

First download the latest driver to your download directory by going to terminal window and executing this in my case..


or go to Nvidia download page

change the file name to be less of a pain.

“sudo rename NVIDIA-Linux-*”

then make sure you give rights to use it

“sudo chmod +x”

for cleanup execute –

“echo options nouveau modset-0 | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/nouvrau-kms.conf”

“update -initramfs -u”

** that was cleanup.. don’t freakout if you get a file not found error

OK now restart your box

login and then use ctl + Alt + f1 to go to terminal and do the following

first turn off video with execute

“sudo stop lightdm”

now go to download directory and run the install


** Follow all the instructions and except the defaults.

start the lightdm service

“sudo start lightdm”

restart your box and you’ll be ready to verify by going to terminal again and executing

“lshw -c video”

if the line looks like this with “configuration: driver=nvidia latency=0” you are good to go!!!!!

*** notes about driver – I found the driver had issues with FireFox browser where pages blinked a lot while rendering. You can fix this by going to “Preferences” then “Advanced” and then under browsing turn off “Use hardware acceleration when available,”

Ubuntu & USB Permission Issue when running PrintRun application and connecting through USB port

When using Ubuntu an issue I’ve run into is being unable to connect to your 3D printer with a USB connection using the PrintRun tool. If you have a newer version of the printer interface software you will get a “Permission Denied” error and an older version will just show “connecting” and never go past that step. This is simply because Ubuntu does not by default give you access to the “TTYACM” ports. All you have to do to get access set up is run this from the terminal window. Keep in mind this USB setup needed for any tool you might use. If you use Arduino to compile and push you firmware to your Ramps board you can run into the same thing the first time.

sudo adduser {you signon} dialout

sudo chmod a+rw /dev/ttyACM0

Hope that will clear things up and get you going, good luck.

Ubuntu Install flash plugin for FireFox

First go to download directory Flash Download

If drop down does not specifically state a Ubuntu with you version then download the newest Linux version available with extension “gz”.

locate the FireFox directory where plug-ins are located. Simplest way to do this is just search for an existing plug-in. Go to Add-ins then on right select plug-ins then choose on and click more. That gives you the name of it’s file. Take that file and do a search for it.

For me it was located at usr/lib/mozilla/plugins

unzip the download and move the “” to the plugin dir.


cd usr/lib/mozilla/plugins

sudo cp /home/ceb/flashinstall/

then from the directory where you unzipped the plug-in run the following

cd /home/ceb/flashinstall

sudo cp -r usr/* /usr

Now if you go to plug-ins again inside Firefox you’ll see your new plug-in ready to go